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BAck again

2009-11-25 07:02:43 by FlyMusik

I'll make this short and sweet: I'm back

I don't know how, but somehow all my songs scores drop suddenly without reviews. If i'm not welcome on newgrounds, i'm leaving. Goodbye again.

I'm in!

2009-09-22 06:15:56 by FlyMusik

...but i'm not only going to be on NG. I'm gonna be on a lot of other sites.

On NG, i get a lot more listens than on other websites that i've joined, and it just seems pointless to leave behind fans and progress that i've made just because i'm not well known. I've made a lot of progress on this site, and i think i'll keep doing so.

So here i am again, enjoy! =D

I'm out

2009-09-12 08:53:04 by FlyMusik

Well, I've finally decided to leave NG and take my unnapreciated music somewhere else.

Don't think that i'm giving up on myself, i'm not. I'll never stop making music.

It's Newgrounds I'm giving up on.

Yes, Newgrounds, I'm dissapointed in you. Here are the two main problems with the audio portal:

1. Your submission gets closer to the top of the list based on it's score, not how recently it was put on. Basically, if a song gets any lower than a 4.30 (and this goes with almost every genre), it will never be seen again. It's almost as if you treasure those artists who dominated right off the bat and ignore those who still have progress to make. I can could sound exactly like kalibur in one of my songs and still have it at the bottom of the list forever. So pretty much, a song that doesn't have a high score will NEVER have a high score, and the songs WITH high scores will keep GETTING high scores and the people who don't dominate right off the bat are stuck at the bottom or middle.

2. People who have been on Newgrounds longer have more of a say in a song. This means that my song can have a 4.33 out of five, and then suddenly drop to 3.27 out of five with one vote. This person that voted probably listen to the first three seconds of my song, didn't like the genre, and ruined my average. Even if they really did listen to the whole song, give me one good reason why their vote should decide the fate of a song, and someone else's should make no difference at all. Kind of stupid, hmm? Notice how everyone else's vote doesn't even matter, even though they genuinely liked the song and WENT TO THE TROUBLE TO REVIEW IT. What I'm trying to say here is, no matter how much experience people have, it doesn't make their OPINION MORE VALID THAN SOMEONE ELSE'S. Fix this, Newgrounds, for the rest of people. Everyone should have an equal say in how good a song is.

I'm not quite as pissed off about the art portal, but somehow my art wasn't good enough or i did something wrong or something. Whatever happened, i got no notification and I still have no clue why i'm being censored.

If you want more proof, take a look at my current scores, and take a look at my scores at the very beginning of my time here at NG. Not too different, eh? Maybe a couple of fours here and there, but mostly it's twos and threes.

Now take a listen. Don't tell me you can't hear how much I've improved, but notice that my scores are still pretty much unchanged.

Almost all of my 4/5s got to where they are because I voted 5 on them to boost them up. Only a couple are actually all people.

I'm not saying that successful people on Newgrounds aren't very good. I've heard a lot of good people on newgrounds.

But most of those people joined Newgrounds when they were already good, so they good popular as soon as they joined, and will always be popular.

And i know i have fans. My music actually is liked. And i'm glad that people like it, but i feel as if i'm getting nowhere on this site. This is not a music site. It's a flash site. Live with the facts. If you get successful, great. If you don't, you probably agree with everything i'm saying right now.

When i find another site, i'll PM my fans telling them where they can find me.

Who knows, maybe i'll even come back! Maybe i'll start up again! But for now, so long everybody.

I'm out.

Sorry About That...

2009-08-16 17:47:07 by FlyMusik

I guess that last comment was a little overdone.

I'm don't think i'll leave NG, so don't my fans worry (Yeah, Right)

But seriously, it is pretty annoying.


2009-08-13 06:20:05 by FlyMusik


Why is it that almost all of my songs have low scores!?!?!?!?

On reviews, people keep saying how awesome the song is and how perfect it is and everything like that but when i look at the score it has a 3 out of 5?!?!?

Also, i'll have these high scoring songs that suddenly just drop tremendously!!!!

Urban Wilderness - from 4.33 to 3.50

Tha Krozzroads - 4.20 to 3.27

maxImum (unfinished) - 4.27 to 3.33

RepreZent - 4.24 to 3.76

Skylines - 4.32 to 3.50

...and there's probably more that i can't even think of right now.

I might just about to STRAIGHT UP LEAVE NG and take my songs somewhere else.

I'm sick of having low scores.


2009-07-09 15:31:58 by FlyMusik

So i'm cool that i got unscouted from the art portal and no longer mad about the HORRIBLE SYSTEM THAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED IMMEDIATELY

Well, you get the idea.

Even so, i'd appreciate it if someone would re scout me. I promise to stop whatever i was doing to get myself unscouted.

I cannot believe I was un scouted from the art portal. What did i do wrong? Is my art not good enough or something? It's just fine. Come on, NG, manage the art portal better. I waited such a long time to get scouted and now i'm suddenly un scouted because i've submitted 'Bad Art'. People, check out my art and re-scout me, and I'll let NG's bad system slide.


2009-06-19 09:17:00 by FlyMusik

I've been waiting for such a long time for the art portal to finally exist. I may or may not take a break from making musik for a while. Instead i might by spending all my time on what i may call...ummmm...FlyAurt? Well, you get the idea. I'm gonna be posting up a lot of art, so check out my art to be stunned by the inner workings of my twisted mind. However, I might still be able to keep making musik while doing art at the same time. Well, we'll find out soon enough.


Hey wazzup

2009-06-15 15:40:31 by FlyMusik

Nothin to say, just puttin my stuff up on NG, tryin to get a record deal. Here's a pic to give you a hint on what i'm up to:

Hey wazzup